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essential favela

Essential Favela

The best of Baile Funk including over 400 samples. Inspired by the rhythms and sounds originated in Brazilian favelas which exploded all over the world.


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What's inside?

essential favela

66 stems + MIDI.

Including Melodies, Drums, Sound Effects and Vocals.

MIDI included

  • 74 Drum Loops
  • 10 Fills
  • 130 One shots (kicks, percussions, 808s, claps)

130-150 BPM

Bass Synths, Crazy Sounds, Brazilian Berimbau, Brasses, etc...

Sirens, Lazers, Sweeps, Impacts, Car sounds, etc...


500 MB+
of content

24 bit /
44.100 hz

royalty free

Works with any DAWs

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